Far East American Plywood Manufacturing

In a global economy, it’s important to have reliable partners.  Partners you can trust.  That’s why as plywood manufacturers, we stick to the same philosophy. Partnerships built on long standing relationships, designed for mutual benefit and long term growth, are valued just as in any other business.  This same philosophy that has served us so well in our customer relationships carries over to our dealings with key vendors and vendor relations.  It has guided us in all our business dealings in plywood manufacturing, both domestically and abroad, and created opportunities to expand our manufacturing base over the years.

From our early days, our domestic and foreign staff developed an acute understanding of plywood manufacturing. All the way from when we were the exclusive mill representative for Daya Sakti Unggal Plywood, one of Indonesia’s premier producers of thin panel plywood for the mobile home and RV industry. This pioneering tradition, our manufacturing background continues today with our various joint venture operations:

In 2004, Far East American launched our first joint venture manufacturing facility in China. This factory,   Layo Decorative Panels, became the first Chinese exporter of decorative wall paneling to the United States.  Today, the factory continues to produce quality paper overlay paneling, beaded hardwood plywood/MDF either as raw or UV finished panels and MDF primed white beadboard.

In 2006, FEA launched a second joint venture manufacturing facility, Xuzhou Jiang Yang, in the heart of China’s main plywood production area. This facility consistently produces high-quality raw birch plywood products in a variety of specialty cores. Our recently added UV finishing line gives us the added benefit of offering our own high-end Birch panels with a beautiful satin UV finish.

Our experience working with both of these joint ventures operations have given FEA a greater understanding of Chinese plywood manufacturing processes and had enabled us to better deal with our other supply chain partners.  Knowledge, understanding, ingenuity and opportunity that we in turn pass on to you: our partner.