Chinese Poplar

General Information

Chinese White Poplar plywood is complimentary specie in our imported plywood product line.  This highly clean, white wood is produced from carefully selected, environmentally friendly, plantation grown, whole piece rotary cut Poplar veneers harvested in China.  Our 100% Poplar panels offer exceptional value compared to domestically manufactured Poplar.


Proprietary Face/Back grades are:   B-2, C-2, C-4


Creamy white uniform color, with minimal to no knots, structurally sound, relatively light in weight. Smoothly sanded and generally straight grained with a fine, even texture, it accepts glues, screws and nails well, and is an easy to work plywood.  This makes White Poplar plywood suitable for most paints and varnishes.


People’s Republic of China

Thickness and Dimensions

5.2mm (1/4”), 12mm (1/2”), 15mm (5/8”), 18mm (3/4”).

Most panels are 4’x8’ but we also offer 48.5×96.5. All panels tightly calibrated to ensure exceptional thickness tolerances.

Glue Types

We offer E-1, E-2, CARB II Certified, NAF, NAUF and Moisture Resistant MR Type II interior glues.  Melamine & WBP Phenolic Type I Exterior glues.


We offer our Chinese Poplar plywood in our standard multiply Poplar veneer core, in our lamination grade veneer core and in our Versaply core.


Cabinets, Furniture, Furniture components, Moulding, Millwork, Store Fixtures, Toys, Packing.


Our Chinese Poplar is plantation harvested, fast growing, environmentally responsible and a green forest product.  Our Chinese White Poplar plywood is manufactured in select factories under tight supervision by our team of employees and inspectors for a consistently high quality panel.