Far East American has offices, manufacturing facilities and warehouses around the world, ready to serve your plywood needs.

Far East American imports material into the United States through various ports across the country to better service our customers. We are always looking to provide our valued customers the plywood products you need efficiently, effectively and professionally. In addition to our sales base in the United States, FEA has extensive experience importing materials into Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

Far East American sources materials from East Asia, most notably China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia.  With procurements offices in China and Indonesia, Far East American is strategically located around the world to ensure we have our pulse on the worldwide plywood markets and regional supply chain climate. FEA also has multiple joint venture manufacturing facilities in China offering vertically integrated solutions to our customers.

Far East American is headquartered in Los Angeles, California but has a global reach. Our main office works with our connections both domestically and overseas to ensure that customers receive quality plywood at competitive prices.

Please see our Domestic and International locations pages for additional information on how our global reach helps define who we are and bring consistent value to our customers.