Straight Talk. Straight Delivery. No Games. No Surprises.

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At FEA, integrity is not just a hollow ideal. It’s the core of everything we do. Since we first entered the plywood industry we’ve honored a singular commitment to our plywood panel customers: you will get what we promise you will get. With FEA you’ll get straight talk. Timely delivery. No games. No surprises. With FEA, you get what we promise you’ll get on every order.

By serving you openly and honestly today and every day, we believe you will trust us with your plywood business tomorrow. By doing what we say we will – and doing it right – we are not just making a plywood sale. We are building a solid, enduring relationship that will help you grow your lumber and plywood business and give your customers what they want.

Our overseas infrastructure, plywood buyers and knowledgeable traders play key roles in ensuring that you consistently get what we say you will get – Exceptionally good plywood prices, value and quality.

Overseas. We import plywood from suppliers we trust. These long-term business relationships have proven their quality, reliability and integrity over the years. Often our plywood products come from our own factories, where we set exacting quality control standards. Whatever the source, our on-site inspectors ensure that our plywood dealers get shipped production that meets the demanding specifications that we, and you, expect at the best plywood pricing

At Home. Our traders are as knowledgeable as our on-site experts. Not surprising, since they’ve trained in the hardwood plywood and veneer factories and have years of hands-on experience in the forest products business. Because they know what type of plywood they’re getting, you know what you’re getting. With their knowledge of plywood price, savvy and clout, they are adept at solving problems and making sure you get precisely what you need, when you need it – even in a tight plywood market.

A Pioneering Tradition

FEA was incorporated in 1984. We began as the exclusive U.S. representative of Daya Sakti Unggul Plywood. Daya Sakti was one of Indonesia’s premier producers of thin panel plywood for the mobile home and RV industry.  Early on, our staff developed an understanding of plywood manufactures.

In 1990, FEA started importing commodity plywood and selling to plywood distributors and wholesalers. This continues to be our core business. Throughout our history FEA’s reputation for integrity has been matched by our record as an industry pioneer. Highlights include:

  • 1991 – First company to import plywood directly from Indonesia to Mexico.
  • 2000 – Opened our Shanghai office and became one of the first companies to import Chinese plywood.
  • 2004 – Launched our first joint venture manufacturer, Layo Decorative Panels, the first Chinese exporter of wall paneling to the U.S.
  • 2006 – Launched our second joint venture manufacturer, Xuzhou Jiang Yang, to meet our customers’ needs for high quality Chinese Birch plywood and excellent prefinished plywood imports.