Meranti (Lauan)

General Information

Meranti Plywood, commonly referred to as Philippine Mahogany or Lauan Plywood, comes from a wide variety of Shorea species.  Known for its general utility, stability, overall strength, exceptional core construction and versatility, our Meranti plywood supply is exceptionally reliable and consistent in quality.


Meranti is arguably the most readily available thin panel plywood worldwide.  Rotary Cut Meranti plywood generally feature clean faces, infrequent knots and tightly composed cores, making them the primary choice for thin panel lamination and manufacturing application for more than half a century.


Face and Back grades are consistent with IWPA standards:  BB, CC, Overlay, Overlay&Better, BB/CC faces and SSB, MOB and # 4 reject backs.


Color varies depending on specie from dark reddish brown to pinkish red to pale straw color. Typically easy to work with due to medium to low density, course texture with medium to large pores, and the grain is wavy and interlocked. It glues, stains and finishes well.


Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam

Thickness and Dimension

2.5mm, 2.7mm, 3.4mm, 4.6mm, 4.8mm, 5.2mm, 5.5mm, 9.0mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm

Far East American commonly stocks 4’x8’ Meranti panels. Our inventory also includes a wide variety of specialty thickness panel specifically designed for the lamination industry. These include short sizes produced as 4’x6’, 4’x78”, 4’x80”, 4’x81” and 4’x7’ panel as well as mid Jumbo panels produced as 4’x99″, 4×100″, 4’x102″, and 4’x103.5″. We also offer Jumbo panels in 4’x9’ and 4’x10’ dimensions.

Glue Types

We offer TSCA Compliant as well as Type I Phenolic (WBP) and Melamine glues. We also offer CARB II Certified glue to meet California plywood regulations.


All Meranti, Mixed Tropical Hardwoods, Falcata veneer cores and Finger or Butt-Jointed Lumber cores.


Paper lamination, Vinyl lamination, Fiberglass lamination, Paper Overlay Plywood,  Paneling, Cabinets, Furniture, Furniture Components, Flooring & plywood underlayment, Platforms, Millwork, Garage Doors, Set construction, Crating & Packaging, Trailer Liner, Store Fixtures, general manufacturing, building, interior and exterior applications.