American Red Oak, Northern Red Oak

General Information

Our American Red Oak veneered plywood is offered in both rotary cut whole piece and plain sliced faces with veneer thicknesses ranging from 0.25mm fancy plywood to 0.5mm hardwood plywood to suit a wide variety of quality & price points. FEA offers a wide array of quality and price points to meet your American Red Oak plywood needs.


We offer a consistently high quality panel and exceptional value by manufacturing in select factories under tight supervision by our team of employees and inspectors. Our product features durable packaging consistent with strict FEA regulations for maximum product protection and easy handling.


Proprietary Face/Back grades are: A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2, C-2, C-3 & C-4 for thick panel products. Thin panel product grading is consistent with IWPA rules: FD & BB faces; SSB, SSMOB & # 4 reject backs.


Heartwood color ranges from pinkish to light reddish brown with a grain that is normally straight or open. Red Oak plywood is defined by its smoothly sanded fairly coarse texture, durability and versatility, good nailing and screwing properties, and it also machines well. Red Oak takes a stain well and diverse tones are achievable.


Vietnam (Vietnamese plywood), Indonesia (Indonesia Plywood), Taiwan (Taiwanese plywood), Malaysia (Malaysian Plywood)

Thickness and Dimension

3.0mm (1/8″), 4.7mm (MDF), 5.2mm (1/4″), 12mm (1/2″), 18mm (3/4″).

Most of our Red Oak plywood panels are 4’x8′ but we also offer 48.5×96.5 and cut-to-size panels. All panels are tightly calibrated to ensure exceptional thickness tolerances.

Glue Types

We offer TSCA Compliant glues.


Our Red Oak plywood comes in a variety of cores. It can also be produced on sturdy combination core, any MDF and MDF plywood cross band veneer core, tropical hardwood core or various lumber core constructions.


Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Office Furniture, Store Fixtures, Wardrobes, Cabinet door inserts, paneling.