Bending Plywood

Bending plywood from Far East American is designed to literally form to your complex needs. Our incredibly versatile bending board gives you the ability to uniquely shape your next plywood project.  Bending board plywood panels from Far East American is an affordable, cutting edge option when a straight edge just will not do.


Our highly flexible bending board panels are your solution when a sophisticate-curved appearance is needed.  These panels can be surfaced covered for a quality finished appearance.   Whether your curved contour needs to bend in barrel or column, we have the board suited to meet your design application.


Curved store fixtures, cabinet ends, residential islands, office furniture, work stations, rounded furniture, Archways, rounded entertainment units, columns and lamination / surface covering applications.

Radius Specifications

On average, minimum radius is 12”, perhaps smaller with strong manual manipulation of the component parts.

Thickness and Dimension

8mm 8’x4′ cross grain (barrel) curve and 8mm 4’x8′ long grain (column) curve.

3.0mm, 5.2mm and 9.0mm are available in 8×4 and 4×8 upon request.

Glue Types

 TSCA Compliant


Flexible 5 ply panel construction featuring rotary peeled, mixed tropical short grain hardwood outer plies with a thin long grain hardwood inner ply.


Proprietary Face/Back grades are:  BB/CC faces and G2S backs.