Specialty Veneer Cores

At Far East American, we recognize the demanding needs of the wood products industry. We understand that one size does not fit all.  We also clearly know that not all plywood is created equally. Far from it in fact.  To that extent, we have developed multiple specialty cores to give you a variety of core options, to meet your demanding need for quality imported plywood. Plywood you can trust, from the source you can trust.

Finger Jointed Fir Lumber Core

  • Finger Jointed Fir Lumber core with poplar cross bands or optional MDF cross bands.
  • Components are edge glued with finger jointed ends producing a virtually core void free panel.
  • Panels are produced strictly with a TSCA Compliant Glue.
  • Offered in 18mm 4×8 panel size.

MDF Cross banded Veneer Core

  • Sturdy, 5 ply machine dried, machine composed veneer core with MDF Cross bands.
  • High quality inner core components specifically regulated per ply to eliminate core defects.
  • 2-step calibrated veneer core, tight thickness tolerance, perfectly smooth MDF face and back surfaces.
  • Specifically designed for lamination, high end furniture, cabinet, painting or UV finishing applications.
  • Offered in 12mm – 18mm, 4’x8’panel size.

Glues and Species

We offer our entire line of specialty veneer core panels with TSCA Compliant glues as well as Melamine & WBP Phenolic Type I exterior glues.

Panels can be layed up in White Birch, Natural Birch, Red Birch,  Lauan, Red Oak or White Maple in a variety of grades.